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Hello ,

I'm a Syrian National and currently lives in Ennepetal near Hagen

hello recently i have residents to stay in Germany  for 1 year and i want lawyer , as soon as possible to reject this designation , i want one in NRW that can help refugees not want just to take money .

some one was say it is important to reject and another say no it is no problem ??
i dont now what i do and time go
asked Sep 17, 2017 in Legal advice by subhe

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Hello @subhe

First of all, welcome to our community!

If you want to file an objection against BAMFs decision at your local Verwaltungsgericht (administrative court) you only have two weeks time for that. Of course you don't have to file this objection, but getting the full acknowledgemen will grant you more rights (3 year residence, family reunion etc.) than Subsidiärer Schutz.

Here are some ideas where you could find legal advice:

The Refugee Law Clinic Cologne offers free advice given by law students on every first and third thursday of a month. You can go to Ankerstraße 15, 50676 Köln this week on thursday 21st September at 17:30 o'clock to get in contact with them.

Here is their website:

In addition here is a booklet provided by Flüchtlingsrat Nordrhein Westfalen that lists counseling centers in NRW:

Here is an overview of advise centers that might be of interest for you. I can't tell if they can give you legal advice based on the information given in the brochure. But even if they can't, they might give you contact addresses of other organisations that can help you.

The MFH Hattingen offers advice for refugees at Friedrichstraße 2, 45525 Hattingen. You can go there on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10-11 o'clock. You can also call them or send them an e-mail:
tel.: 02324 / 344 60-17 or 02324 / 344 60-18

Caritas Witten e.V. also offers counseling at Marienplatz 2, 58452 Witten. You can get in contact with these two persons to find out more about their work:
Stephanie Rohde
02302 / 91 090-33
Gisela Wiegand
02302 / 91 090-34

You can go to Diakonie Mark-Ruhr Witten on Wednesday and Thursday between 9-12 o'clock at Annenstraße 118-122, 58453 Witten. You can get in contact with Svenja Jeschak using these contact infos:
02302 / 20 20 507

Last but not least the DRK Kreisverband Witten e.V. (Red Cross) offers general counseling for refugees at Ardeystraße 27, 58453 Witten. Get in contact with Sebastian Schopp to find out if they can help you out with your problem:
tel.: 02302 / 789 01 96

I hope this answer was helpful to you.

Best regards,
answered Sep 18, 2017 by Thor
And I will link @Marcel and @Steven . They are lawyers that share their expertise with us here on the platform. Maybe they have an idea how to proceed :)
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