Dear All,

I'm leaving now in a small village named Bödefeld in a city called Schmallenberg.
Anyway, I'm trying to find a house in Krefeld so I can move there.

Anyone has any idea or any person that I can contact there to help me fining a house there??

Since I need to move before 1/8/2016, so I have to find a house AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Awaiting your comments :)
Best regards,
asked Jun 25, 2016 in Home & Living by Ahmad Karabelli | 478 views

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Hi Ahmad,

Sorry for the long wait for an answer!

I did some research and found these resources for you in Krefeld. They don´t offer help specificaly for finding a house but could help to point you in the right direction:

Refugee Coordinator of the city:
Dr. Hansgeorg Rehbein
Telefon    0 21 51 / 65842-0
E-Mail    flueko@krefeld.de

Caritas of Krefeld:
Frau Susanne Stenzel
Telefon: +49 2151 639517   

Flüchtlingsrat Krefeld:
Telefon 02151-4123857

Are you looking for a house, an apartment, or a shared house/apartment?
answered Jun 27, 2016 by julia.d
Hi, Ahmad asked for a house, no appartment was mentioned... Nevertheless I doubt, if it's realistic (means: affordable) to **** for a house in Krefeld. But maybe money isn't the problem... Informations about the real estate market in Krefeld: ****://bit.ly/290QpTu
For me when I hear "house" I don´t think particularly of a separate house or an apartment, but just where someone lives, so I wanted to double check before helping with his search :) Ahmad, let me know how I can help you further !
Dear Julia,
Dear Suleika,

First of all I'm really sorry for my late response, but I've been through alot of ideas and alot of papers companies websites etc... Trying to find an apartment in Krefeld ( I meant apartment not house it's my fault sorry)

Thanx for your help guys y the Information you gave me has helped me but I did not have enough time to response.

Thanx again and best regards,
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