i am asylum seekers in France and i am rejected now i am looking for new country to apply again.where i can work because i am Chef.so if again i reject than i can go with work and tax way.in my mind i have two country Sweden and Germany.
can i apply again?which is country best for work in kitchen?job availability.please.
asked Sep 14, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Paris0099 | 2,537 views

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Hello @masum

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Unfortunately it is not possible for you to apply for asylum in another country that is part of the so called Dublin III convention. This treaty states that you can only apply for asylum in one country that is thereby competent for your case. If you go to Sweden or Germany to apply again they will check back with their database and see that you've already been to France.

You can apply for asylum again if there has been a significant change in your situation since your last application. For example that the situation in your home country changed for the worse so that now there is ground for an asylum procedure (for example if you can prove that you are in danger of life or that you are persecuted in your home country).

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answered Sep 14, 2017 by Thor
@thorgen,yes i am danger in my country.i can't go back now.i need to stay at least 1 to 3 years more to neutral problem. if i apply again when i can?i heard that when my case in finished from CNDA i can apply again?is it true?now i don't think france is good for me because i am strangling in France.i gave them very best interview but they refused me!!!and i am not syrian.please reply me.thanks.
Hello @masum - I'm not familiar with the French asylum system, but I did some research on that topic. As far as I can see it is indeed possible to appeal again after the decision of CNDA. You received a “OQTF” (“Obligation de Quitter le Territoire Français”) with a period for voluntary departure on it, right? If you want to appeal against this OQTF you have 15 days to tell the Administrative Court (Tribunal Administratif) about it. In some cases, when the OQTF does not come with a period for voluntary departure, you only have 48 hours (!) to appeal. The sources that I found recommended to get in touch with a lawyer to prepare this appeal, but it is not mandatory to have one. In addition there is organisations that help you handling your case. Please follow this link and check if the organisation “La Cimade” has an office near your location: ****://domasile.info/en/useful-adresses/#la-cimade I hope this helps :)
Thanks for you answer,I am still danger in my country i see there are no hope for me in France i move to Germany and apply asylum?is it possible?if they got my finger what will happen?r they gonna gime me time to re apply?or any organization who can help me to apply in germany or lawyer?Thank
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