Hello ,

I'm a Syrian National and currently lives in Munich .

I was Forced to apply for asylum in Germany and i received a refugees status / residency permit for 3 years under Geneva convention of 1951 ( without doing asylum interview ) .

Now , i want to cancel my residency / refugees status in Germany and get out of here , So ,what will be the legal consequences of me canceling my residency ?? how long will it take for me to get a deportation order and leave the country ??

Thanks ...
asked Sep 7, 2017 in Legal advice by Shareef | 1,590 views
The Question was marked as SOLVED by mistake , i did not receive an answer yet .
Hello Shareef,
I would like to know what had happened with your German residency and have you managed to cancel it and what are the steps that you have followed and what was the consquences.
I have a similer situation and I want to get benefit from your experience.

Thank you

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Hello @Shareef

Welcome to our community!

There are programs for refugees that want to return to their home country voluntarily (they are called REAG and GARP). They include financial support for travel expenses and (in some cases) extra payments and/or start-up aid. You can consult your local Einwohneramt or Ausländerbehörde to get information about this topic.

Please check out this FAQ about it on the website of BAMF for detailed information:


These programs enable you to leave the country independently without authorities being involved. In addition you can select a time at which you want to leave. So you can plan ahead and prepare your departure (in contrast to a forced deportation that could happen any day without a long preparation time).

Apart from that, you are not obliged to stay in Germany (there is no Residenzpflicht for you). Using your blue passport you can travel to a lot of countries without the need of a visa (please check out this link to another question on Wefugees where you find detailed information about blue passport: https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/2024). And if you return to your home country Germany will automatically cancel your refugee status because they will assume that the situation over there can't be that bad for you if you go back voluntarily.

Loosing your refugee status will have some legal implications. As stated above, your Aufenthaltstitel will expire. Along with it you will lose the blue passport (no more visa free traveling). There might be some changes concerning your benefits, but I'm not entirely sure about this. You might not get Arbeitslosengeld II (aka ALG II) anymore. Probably it will be replaced with benefits in accordance with Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz until your deportation.

I hope this answer was helpful to you. Feel free to ask further questions if anything remained unclear.

Best regards,
answered Sep 8, 2017 by Thor
Hello Thorgen ,I'm not Asking about financial aid to get back to my home country , and i want to make two things very clear : 1- i'm not asking for financial aid ,2- i'm not going back to my home country ,i'm just leaving Germany to another country
So, my Question was ,what are the Legal consequences for me cancel my residency / refugees status and leave Germany permanently .
Why do you want to leave Germany?
Is asylum not good?
I am also thinking to apply for asylum
Hello @Shareef - thanks for clarifying your inquiry. Of course you don't have to make demands on said programs. I just wanted to point out that they exist and that you can get support from them. Anyway, as I know now they are not relevant for you since you don't want to go back to your home country. Nevertheless, as far as I know the legal implications that I listed in my answer above still apply. Canceling your refugee status will result in losing your residence permit in Germany, losing  the blue passport and (sooner or later) benefits. If you handed in your passport at BAMF (and if they didn’t give it back to you yet) you will receive your home country’s passport when you are about to leave the country.
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