Hello team,
I live In Germany under subsidiary protection.  invited my relatives to attend my wedding however embassy worker is asking them to disclose why I was granted asylum protection in Germany and what case I presented to BAMF that allowed me to be granted asylum. I think my information are confidential. Advise me what they will reply to embassy and which will secure their chance to get the visas. Am not allowed to invite someone to attend my wedding?

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asked May 4, 2021 in Legal advice by Malcolm | 382 views
l had a friend who had a similar case. They will not allow them to come and the embassy knows you will not want to disclose your case to your relatives and also maybe your relative will use the invitation as an excuse and seek asylum here
Thank you for reply but they don't have any intention of staying in Germany. It is my mother and my father, They are old , they have their own affairs and Businesses where they live now. Then I ask: can I escalate this issue to my lawyer to talk to the embassy , can it help?

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