As an afghan minor, I lived in Norway for 1,5 years. My asylum application got rejected twice, and in the last resolution I also got a deadline to introduce myself to the Refugee center to be send back to Afghanistan or otherwise I‘d get deported by legal means. In the resolution, they said as well that my age is not true and I'm an adult. If anybody had followed the main stream media, knows that 99% of the afghan minors in 2016 got their asylum applications rejected.

So I escaped To Germany because I didn't have the chance to reapeal the resolution anymore or stay there. In Germany, they've accepted me as minor, as a 17,5 years old. After what I understood, it's still possible for the Norway's government to ask German's government for my return and they can come to an agreement. The employees had told me that it's better that if I find an apprenticeship(eine Ausbildung) in order to prevent my probable deportation. Here in Germany after nearly 3 months, I have learned the german language good enough to apply for an apprenticeship, but so far I only got a couple of interviews.

Any advice on what should I do? Is me waiting here useless and it's better to escape to another land like France, Italy or Spain? which I heard the afghan asylum seekers are more likely to be granted asylum. Or should I stay here and see what happens to me?

P.S. Please Help Me. I really live in a nightmare and have some serious psychiatrical problems. In Norway I was diagnosed with PTSD( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and I meet up with a psychologist every month or two week.

P.S. 2 I live in Hesse (Hessen) state.
asked Aug 8, 2017 in Legal advice by Dark_Knight

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Hello @Dark_Knight and welcome to our community!

I'm sorry to hear about the bad situation you are in.

In accordance with the Dublin III convention you are only allowed to apply for asylum in one European country. Even though Norway is not part of the EU they are working together which expands Dublin III rules to Norway (source in German language: ). So from my point of view it doesn't make a difference if you are in Germany, Spain, Italy or France at the moment because none of them will feel responsible for your case.

Yet still I'm pretty sure that the Norwegian government will not explicitly ask Germany to send you back. But it might happen that Germany will deport you on its own stating that they are not responsible for your case. To prevent that you can get a so called “Ausbildungsduldung” as you’ve been told. It grants you the right to stay for the time of an apprenticeship in an officially recognised profession. That’s why my suggestion would be to keep writing applications for apprenticeships. I know that this can be frustrating at some point, but hopefully the effort will pay off in the end.

Source (German language):

In addition I will link @Marcel and @Steven . They are lawyers and might have a good idea how to handle your situation best.

Best regards,
answered Aug 15, 2017 by Thor
I’ve managed to find an apprenticeship as an electrician, and they’ve agreed to give me a contract. It’s actually an “Ausbildung/Praktikum”. It means that I get the insurance, the salary and the right to go to the “Berufsschule” as anyone else, but the first year is provisional. If we came to an agreement, then I can start my second year of apprenticeship. I’ve managed it in just 3 months. I hope that everything works out for me. Now I’m waiting for the paperwork which takes some time.
That's awesome - I'm really happy to hear that! If you are having trouble with the paperwork feel free to ask the community. Maybe we can try to help you with that if necessary.
Thank you for the answer and the support. I appreciate it!
Hope it all works out brilliantly for you @Dark_Knight
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