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Hi, I am working with two families who have been located about 45 min drive from Giessen. Does anyone know of people who help refugees in that area? Both families would like to find housing in Giessen but don't have the resources or assistance to do it on their own. Both families speak Arabic and are currently taking German lessons.  I work with them from California and would love to find some people in the area who can help them in person as they could use assistance with many processes. Thanks!
asked Jun 12, 2017 in Home & Living by Sierra (110 points)

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Hi @Sierra,

you can ask these two organisations for support:

1. Diakonisches Werk Gießen : Migration und Flüchlingsbegleitung

William B. Henderson (Sozialarbeiter)
Telefon: (0641)93228-0 oder -18

Christina Srock (Sozialpädagogin)
Telefon: (0641)93228-0 oder -32

Address: Gartenstraße 11, 35390 Gießen
Talk time: Open talk time: Friday: 8:30–12:00 h
Dates only possible after agreement!

WWW: (German language)

2. Caritas Giessen
Help for people in special life situations, section: help for people with a migrant background

Contact: Caritasverband Gießen e.V.
Frankfurter Str. 44
35392 Gießen
Phone: +49 641 7948-0
WWW: (German language)

Kind regards

answered Jun 12, 2017 by Jan (59,810 points)
Great!! Thanks for the info
You're welcome, all the best!
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