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مرحبا انا معاوية من سوريا لاجئ ساكن بكاسل وبدي انفل على فرانكفرت
وعم دور على غرفة باسرع وقت ....... بتمنى لو بتفدرو تساعدوني
asked Jul 20, 2016 in Home & Living by muawia
I will just try to translate it so more people can answer your question: "Hi I'm Moauea, I live in Kassel and want to move to Frankfurt. Can someone help me to look for a flat in Frankfurt?"
i can put my quastion in english if its easier
my quastion is
i am syrian and a refugee and i live now in kassel but i need to move to frankfurt so soon and fast before september  and i am looking for room there  to live in it abd the jobcenter can pay the rent too i really need good help

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ask Caritasverband Frankfurt for help: (Site's language is in German).
(see Contact persons on the right side of their homepage, keyword "Kontakt).

Ask project team 'Shelter Frankfurt'
They give only few informations in English:
But they are on (German) facebook:
Mail contact:

Kind regards, Jan
answered Jul 25, 2016 by Jan
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