I am an honorary refugee's aid. I am searching for help for a wife and 2 sons  for money for documents and flight tickets with it to Germany can come to their father. The family are Palestinians and come from Syria. The wife and 2 sons (18 and 16) live in a refugee camp in Libanon and have appointment in the embassy in Beirut in July. They need money for documents and the flightickets but the father is very sick here and cannot send any money. The family has despaired very much. What can I do to help this family?
asked Jun 10, 2017 in Money by Phibine
im in palestin
and needs help
Hello @sami_89 - welcome to Wefugees. Please tell us what exactly the problem is that you need help with. I saw that you posted a comment in another thread about Western Union. So I assume that you have a question about money transfer (?)
Hello thor

It's Palestine. Everything in it is a problem
Poverty ... a siege of the Jews .. Unemployment ..
I have searched for many pages about Germany to apply for asylum .. I do not have money
I searched for help But it failed
I have been affected by Germany since childhood ... and I am trying to learn the German language .. but I am still looking for help
Thank you thor

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Hello @Phibine,

ask 'Islamic Relief Deutschland' if they can give you some support and help you in solving the issue. Contact form: http://tinyurl.com/y73cthxr
Though the language of the Website is German, you won't have difficulties in filling the form, only few formal data is required, the message field accepts any language.

Kind regards
answered Jun 11, 2017 by Jan
thanks...I write the problem and waiting for answer
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