Does anybody knows about this special offer from Western Union? A refugee sent me this flyer. Its about sending money (max. 300?) to Syria without any fees. I tried numerous times to ask WU about this topic, with no success at all :-/ #WesternUnion #Syria #Money #Send
asked Aug 2, 2016 in Money by olli

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Here the attachment.
answered Aug 31, 2016 by olli
Thanks for your support!
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Hello Olli,

I couldn't find a special offer on Western Union's German website nor a hint concerning your flyer. There is an online form to contact Western Union resellers in Germany, find a company next to your location and ask directly:

As an additional information see an overview of money transfer options from Germany to Syria (with conditions) by

Kind regards, Jan
answered Aug 2, 2016 by Jan
Hi Jan, just a question not related to the topic, but: Why are you doing this links? Is there a reason for it? Because I, personally, like if I can see on the Link if this is a page I want to click on, or not.   Kindly, some human
URLs are often very long, I want to keep information simple and straightforward (KISS principle). As you see above I usually give some information about the link before I give the URL, so the whole purpose and the destination should be clear. If you don't like short URLs use an online decoder to check them, for example
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Hello Olli,

tenacious research's result: Western Union transfer service from Germany to Syria is not available right now! See attached Screenshot (text in German).

Kind regards, Jan
answered Aug 3, 2016 by Jan
You are absolutly right. Transfer via internet is not possible. Bur money transfer using a lokal agency works fine. We've already done this. But it' very expensive because they take around 10% fees.
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I finally got an answer regarding my problem from Western Union (WU).
There is indeed such an offer to send 300€ from Germany/Austria to Syria without paying fees. But you have to do it from an WU dedicated location (see attachment). If there are other limitations, I'll keep you informed.
answered Aug 31, 2016 by olli
Hi Olli, did you want to add the attachment you mentioned above as an upload to your post? In case this should be true it seems that something went wrong.
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Hi Olli,

I also couldn´t find anything officially on Western Union´s website. Have you been able to find a company in your area yet using Jan´s link?

I did find an article that talks a bit about how Syrian refugees send money home and the flyer you were given is at least verified here:

"Western Union has noticed the growing desire among Syrian refugees to send money home, says Pia De Lima, a spokeswoman for the company, and offers commission-free transfers for 300 euros ($336) or less from Austria or Germany to Syria."

The article is recent but I would certainly check with a Western Union directly to be sure!

answered Aug 3, 2016 by julia.d
This is the first time I read something about this offer. Thank you for sharing the link. But I definitely need some official information, because nobody I talked to at Western Union knows about this offer.
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