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I was wondering.. As a refugee who gets money fron the iob center.. And also i still have money from when i arrived to germany.. Can i Transfer any amount of money through western union? Or not?
asked Jan 7, 2016 in Money by Darkscm
Which kind of 'transfer' do you mean? And 'any amount' surely does not mean you get in conflict with prevention of money laundering act... Please be more precise so the community can think about a constructive answer.
yas u can
im in palstine

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Its me again lol
I was wondering since im getting my money still fron the job center.. Is it possible for me to send money as transfer through Western union each month to my family? To Turkey or syria? And uf uts possible is there a limit?
Also  i still have money from when u arrived to germany.. Like 800 euros.. Us it possible to send them also? Ir will it be a problem?
answered Jan 9, 2016 by Darkscm
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