Hello guys,

I'm Mokhtar from Egypt, 29 yrs, Electrical Engineer (5 years experience ), working now in Saudia Arabia since 2012.

For study/work/political/family/safety reasons , I need to travel to Germany.

What is the best and fastest path for me to follow?

1) search for a scholarship to complete my master in Electrical Engineering? where should I start? knowing that I have more than 5 years of Experience, my university GPA = 2.5, Highschool percentage, 92% .? I think my low GPA, will make it not easy for me ?? or am I wrong ? and how it could be done? or where should I start?

2) search for an internship or an entry level job as an Electrical Engineer ? could it be achievable from outside of Germany? how ? where should I start?

I'm studying the German Language now, still not fluent,

Also my wife is in her final Practical year in Medical School,  GPA=3.25 ~ 81.33%, Highschool %:  99%, she cants leave Egypt, until she finishes her last year,  it means till Mars 2018 .

Thanks for your support
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Hello @Mokhtar, and welcome in the community. I would start with linking a couple of other people that could have good information for you. @Kiron-HelpDesk  (experts in the field of higher education that sould be able to give a great imput about how to enter the German school system and have your degrees recognised) @jan @marcel (expierenced users from the community that could have more info for you.

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Hello @Mokhtar,

I think it's a good idea to set priorities to your existing skills even if theese skills can be optimized. Germany is looking for qualified employees from abroad.
Therefore the German government launched a special website with detailed information about almost every aspect of importance called 'Make it in Germany'.
See the English version here: ****://tinyurl.***/m739d2m

Do you know the German - Arab Chamber Of Industry & Commerce in Giza?
The staff could give you a piece of advice. Website with contact information: ****://tinyurl.***/lnlzag2

Finally: You can combine work and study too. Please see this posting: https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/1612

As far as your wife's professional development in Germany is concerned please see this special informaton: "Studiying medicine in Germany": ****://tinyurl.***/j3todun (English version available)
By the way there are a few medicine schools in Germany where you can study medicine in English (e.g. Kassel School of Medicine: ****://tinyurl.***/zb5c4k7).

Kind regards
answered Mar 18, 2017 by Jan
Thank you for your info , I did contacted the German Arab chamber already , and they replied with ann applications to fill , i guess its the first thing for recognizing my university degree  ,
this is the file i should fill for me and my wife
I still trying to translate it :) .. Thanks again @Jan for your reply and your information , Really appreciate that .  best regards
Let me know if you need a helping hand in translating the form.
Thanks @Jan , I've already did translate it with the help of a German friend , and I did fill the application and send to .  I might need your help in the near future  for translating some papers/application  , I'll let keep you posted for that .. Thanks again
Hey @Jan , I just got an e-mail as replay for my mail asking for recognition the e-mail and the attached word doc. you can check them in this paste , https://justpaste.it/14ncu i tried google tranlation , but i did not get the main idea , I appreciate your help , i just eant to know what is in that doc and e-mail . and ehat should i do after that ..
I wish you every success!
I read your information shared above. The essential in short and simple words: Your academic qualifications must be recognized. To manage this see informations on 'Anerkennung in Deutschland':  ****://tinyurl.***/le3w3pd
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Hi @Mokhtar,

I see that the other experts have already given you very good advice but I'd like to add a couple of comments in case you would like to start a masters in Electrical Engineering.

If you already have a BA, I suggest that you gather all the necessary documents (ex. high school diploma, Bachelor's certificate) and you apply directly as an international student to all German universities that offer your desired Master program before entering Germany, so you can then relocate to a specific city if you are accepted to a university. This is very important because, once you are registered as a refugee in one location, it's normally quite hard to relocate.

For more info on studying in Germany, I suggest you check the following websites that can guide you with your application and provide you with some details on scholarships:

You will find an overview on all institutions throughout Germany, that offer such a program. As the language level you need to have when entering the program differs from place to place, please contact the "Studienkolleg" you would like to do the program with. Some of them will also offer language courses aiming to prepare you for entering the program(s). There are also these you can **** at:

***.daad.de is the website of the German Academic Exchange Service. DAAD offers varied information to those who want to study or research in Germany.

***.deutsch-uni.*** is the German learner’s portal of Deutsch-Uni Online. If you want to learn German online, prepare for studies in Germany or for TestDaF, you will find German classes supervised by experienced tutors. Special courses teach German for special purposes and expert knowledge of selected disciplines, such as Engineering or Economics.

***.distributed-campus.org is the E-learning Portal of the Free University of Berlin. Distributed Campus prepares international students who plan to study at the Free University of Berlin for their stay in Berlin thoroughly – academically, linguistically and organisationally.

***.inobis.de is a portal for international study applicants. INOBIS contains two databases: the Zeugnis-Datenbank provides information about the assessment of foreign university entrance qualifications in Germany, and the Bewerbungscheckliste (application check list) informs about courses of study, departments and degrees at uni-assist universities. You can also apply directly to uni-assist universities.

***.sprachnachweis.de is an information page for international study applicants. Its focus is on a simple query which gives detailed and up-to-date information about the required language skills for each course offered by a German University.

***.studieren.de is Germany's leading study information portal. Applicants, students and graduates get an overview as well of all german study programs and colleges as important information about financing studies and job search. Internationally ***.studieren.de is expanding to a paneuropean study guidance.

***.study-in-germany.de is a comprehensive information portal for international students, academics and researchers in Germany offered by Deutsche Welle. Study in Germany is published in German and English as well as six other languages.

***.uni-assist.de assists international study applicants with the application for admission to German universities. The online application service allows you to apply to more than 90 universities in Germany.
(all links and information is copied from here: https://***.testas.de/en/link_en.htm)

answered Jun 8, 2017 by KironHelpDesk
Hello Claudia - thank you very much for your shared information and the detailed list! I'm sure it will be helpful to others as well.
My pleasure :)
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The biggest problem in getting back into university is that you would have to have your degrees translated and recognised. This could take a while but can be done. For what concerns German, there should be masters available in English if you don't manage to get to a high level of German by the time you would have to start.

For what concerns point 2) I would like to link @sophie from workeer.de that is our expert about job research. She should be able to give you more information about that.

Becoming a doctor:

The 'Approbation' is the medical license issued by the German state that permits doctors to work in their profession. It is valid across Germany and lasts a lifetime.

There are various requirements attached to getting it. For a start, foreign doctors need to have a concrete job offer before applying. You'll also need medical German at C1 level (for normal, everyday German, B2 is sufficient). And any qualifications gained abroad must be deemed equivalent to comparable German qualifications. Especially for medical diplomas issued in non-European countries, evaluation of your academic qualification can take a long time. If you have a definite job offer, you can start by applying for a 'Berufserlaubnis' (temporary medical license). This allows you to work in Germany while your eligibility for the Approbation is being checked by the authorities.

With the 'Approbation' or 'Berufserlaubnis' you can start working - either just as a medical resident, or by working and studying your medical specialty at the same time. This can take several years depending on the speciality, but you can start earning money during this time. The process results in the German title of 'Facharzt', or medical specialist.

Language requirements

In Germany, the relationship between doctor and patient is based on trust and respect, and medical diagnoses will need to be communicated in a comprehensible and sensitive way. For that, very good German language skills are essential.

Because medical professions are regulated in Germany, you will need to prove that you have at least B2-level general German. In many federal states you will need C1-level medical German as well. (In Germany, every federal state has its own regulations for doctors.) To get your Approbation, you may need to pass an exam called the Fachsprachenprüfung. Some language schools offer courses to prepare for this special exam, which tests your oral and written German medical knowledge.

For the moment these are the informations I can offer you. On monday I will try to get a couple more eyes on your question and research more about it with the help of the Wefugees Team ( @Thorgen @Henny @Baris @Conny)
answered Mar 18, 2017 by Paolo
Thank you @Paolo , for your detailed information and your time trying to find the right info for me , I really appreciate that , I just don know what to say :)
@Jan suggestions are definitely the good ones to follow. Inform yourself about the Degree recognition (also through Anabin Database). That´s the first step for you to actually try to get enrolled in a German University for a Master.
For what concerns your wife, I just updated my asnwer with more info.
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