Hey there! I’ve been learning german for a while and now I think I can have a fluid conversation I just need practice to correct the mistakes I usually make.. does anyone know where can I find conversational groups so I can practice german? I appreciate the help :)
P.S I live in Berlin but could be online too.

Hallo! Ich lerne Deutsch seit lange aber ich möchte fliessender sprechen, ich suche für Gruppe/Unterrichte/etc wo ich üben könnte. haben sie einen Vorschlag?
P.S ich wonhe in Berlin aber es könnte auch online sein
asked Jan 23, 2017 in Activities by Anama

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6 Answers

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"Singa Sprachcafe" (google it) , every Monday evening, in Berlin-Charlottenburg
answered Jan 23, 2017 by Gordon
https://www.facebook.com/events/591450734337558/ Link to "singa Sprachcafe" on Facebook
cool! thank you!
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Hi @Anama =)

We're are meeting this Friday again with a few other people of this community - from Germany and from abroad - especially to stay a bit together and having a chance to practice our German =)
Here's the link to the facebook event: feel free to come along and we'll make sure that you feel welcome =)

Ich hoffe, dich am Freitag zu sehen =)
answered Jan 23, 2017 by Paolo
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You should watch soap operas on YouTube, because you won't be able to meet Germans every single evening, and you won't be able to ask them to repeat what they said 20 times until you have perfected the pronunciation of standard phrases,like greetings and farewells. With videos on YouTube,however, you can play back single sentences over and over again. Soap operas are especially good, because you get to know the characters, their personalities, and their way of speaking - their favourite expressions. For example, in Arabic: "Bas  tadreen shlon?!" There is one soap opera specially for learners of German. It's called  "Jojo sucht das Glück". Search for it on YouTube. It has subtitles, and the subtitles are in German, so you can stop the video at any time and replay bits of speech so you can practice saying what the actor just said, and you can see how to write it as well. I do this when I'm learning Arabic. Just watch lots and lots of episodes of your favourite soap opera. For example, in Arabic, the character says "Madri sh a gullak", but there are no subtitles, but still I can work out that must be: "Ma adri aish a gullak", but he said it quickly. To copy him you have to replay the video of that one phrase over and over again, until you can visualise every consonant and vowel as if they were hanging in the air in front of your eyes. Then you can work on the intonation of the voice - how the tone rises and falls during the phrase, and whthere there are slight pauses within the phrase. After much practice you will begin to sound like a native speaker.
answered Jan 24, 2017 by Gordon
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Hello Anama,

there is a list of Sprachcafés in Berlin here on Wefugees:


I'm sure there are cafés close to your location and if you visit more than one of them you can go to such meetings several times a week.

Best regards,
answered Mar 15, 2017 by Thor
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This website shares different platforms to find a tandem partner, you can do it online or find someone in Berlin. Check all the options https://www.deutsch-ueben.tk/2021/08/gesprachspartner-auf-deutsch-finden.html
answered Aug 24, 2021 by Kabahk
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There are several Languagegroups and Events in Berlin listet at berlin.sprachcafe.org

Online Events you'll find at sprachcafe.org

answered Feb 20 by Heidelberger
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