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Hey there .. my name is Hossam .. I live in bad oldesloe , Schleswig holstein close to hamburg.. I would like to meet new German speakers to chat , train my German and make friends along the process .. I speak fluent English too ... I offer free Arabic lessons for those who would like to take a glance at it .. if you're interested .. bis dann :)
asked May 30, 2016 in Activities by Hossam
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hey Hossam, I just added some keywords so that its easier for people to find your offer here through the search bar. I hope you'll find someone living nearby. Best Henriette

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Hello Hossam!

Nice offer! I also just wanted to post a link that I found which lists organizations in Bad Oldesloe that may be of interest:

Specifically there is KAKTUS (Freundeskreis Oldesloer) which offers one-on-one language practice.

Contact info is:
Im Verdi-Büro in der Bahnhofstraße 46:
Dienstag, 17 bis 19 Uhr,
Donnerstag, 10 bis 12 Uhr + 18 bis 20 Uhr
Im Drachenturm in der Turmstraße 14 a
Samstag, 14 bis 16 Uhr

There are also two organized shared meals which are always a nice way to meet people. One is a lunch on Sundays ( and the other is a breakfast on Thursdays (

The Nachbarschaftszentrum SchanZe may also be of interest. They get togther on Tuesdays 15-16h. and Fridays 14-16h.

Contact Info is:
Schanzenbarg 25, Bad Oldesloe
Telefon:  Tel.: 0157 53476438

answered Jun 1, 2016 by julia.d
Great ! .. thanks guys
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