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Do you thing you need help in a personal and culture sensitive way? As a humanitarian organisation, Ipso focuses on providing culturally sensitive psychosocial care in multiple languages. Right now, we offer our services in Berlin and many cities in Thuringia. formore informations:
asked Nov 9, 2016 in Information & Offers by JeLa
Hi @JeLa, Thank you for the info.The link you gave seems to be broken: find here a link to the IPSO/Berlin center

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I'm commenting only not to show this offer of information as an "Unanswered question". It gets difficult to find unanswered questions for the users otherwise. The thread will still be up in the "newest post".

Let's still feel free to comment here and ask for clarifications: Thanks for the information @JeLa
answered Nov 10, 2016 by Paolo
Thank you for your support kind regards Jens
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