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I  received the notification that my costs will be covered and have found some housing offers. What documents do I need to apply for an apartment?
asked Jan 4, 2017 in Home & Living by WefugeesEvent
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Now to your application documents for the apartment search. It is very important that these are complete, otherwise they won’t be considered.

- You need a current Schufa that can not be older than three months. You can apply for this once a year if you are registered in Germany. If you do it more frequently, it costs 24,95 EUR.

- You need a document called “Mietschuldenfreiheit” that says that you are free of debt. You can usually get this from the landlord or the owner of your accommodation. If the hostel is not paid by the Lageso, then you can apply for the Mietschuldenfreiheit since it was not your mistake. If you have problems, seek help.
- You need copies of your ID cards.

- You need proof of salary, which in most cases would be the document that shows all the benefits that you get.

- If it is an apartment for people with WBS, then you obviously need a WBS. WBS can only be applied if you have a resident permit for at least one more year. The processing takes between 3-6 month.

- Sometimes you also have to submit an application form or self-report (Selbstauskunft) with the application (name, age, job, household members, etc.). This form is normally given to you when you visit the apartment the first time.

- You have the possibility to apply in a more personal way, if you create a personal cover letter, where you introduce yourself. You can write about your origine, your name and your profession. Such a personal vober letter can be an advantage, especially when you apply for apartments from private people or smaller companies.
answered Jan 4, 2017 by J.
What is a WBS?
WBS means "Wohnberechtigungsschein". To request it at the city administration you need a residence permit of one year or longer if you're not havin german or another european unions country's citizenship.
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