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I am an ex Muslim woman from Egypt and I want seek asylum in Germany based on apostasy and related domestic violence , but I dont know what are the documents required to prove that I need protection , since I can't report any threats to the authorities in my country ( cant ask for protection because I left Islam , I could go to jail or worse ) , I have some medical records ( physical injuries ) and prescriptions to prove that I am taking medication for severe depression, in addition to some reports (official), news articles and quotes to show that ex Muslims and Christians or atheists face persecution in Egypt , would that be enough or what shall I do ? Any help would be appreciated
asked Jan 19, 2017 in Legal advice by eman
As said in the other post, I asked a couple of friends and collegues to help us out on this. If anyone knows about the answer, please leave an "answe" comment =)

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In my view its going to be a difficult asylum proceedings for you as apostasy cases from Egypt are not automatically accepted as far as I know. So you have to be very convincing (including the reasons why you left Islam) and prepare the hearing well. Any witnesses who can support your case are of course helpful.

I would advise you to prepare the hearing with an asylum  lawyer.
answered Jan 23, 2017 by Marcel
Dear Marcel thanks alot for your reply , but I think it would be difficult to find a witness who could support my case in Germany since all the problems that I have faced were in Egypt , that is really depressing ,such cases are really hard to prove , as If I have to go to jail first or get myself killed to convince the authorities that I need protection
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