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A question from my friend, he is going to school and would like to do a Praktikum. And he would like to do a Ausbildung. How can he find this kind of Praktikum and find a Ausbildung to go further or to continue his job or his qualification?
asked Dec 27, 2016 in Work by WefugeesEvent
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The most important thing is, that you can apply for work after getting the stamp saying:  “is allowed to work or to make a Praktikum”. Then he has to go to Arbeitsagentur and apply for what he learned in his country or what he wants. And then they will try to help a little bit. In our case, we will help people to get an traineeship or Praktikum. Sometimes we accompany them or connect them to others, when we know that persons are looking for a trainee. It depends on the qualification and what they learned.
answered Dec 28, 2016 by Suzan_HvMzM
If he doesn’t have a certificate from university but he can do the job. For some employers he might go through a probation period to make sure he does fit to the job? Is there any association that he can get a certificate from, so that he is really visible? For this job.
Again, it depends on the type of work that you’re doing. Because if you’re doctor it’s much different from if you are an construction worker and you work with machines.
I am a cook.
So, Turning Tables offers trainings in gastronomy, in cooking.
We offer also gastronomy specific german classes. If you are chef, you don’t need a recommendation. But I mean you can always bring some recommendation. The most important thing for all employers I know is, that you are able to understand them. If you start a vocational training there you’ll have to have a B1 German Level. But that’s for school. If you just want the job then they have their ways to test if you are appropriate for their restaurant or not. Everyone is a little bit different. And if you want to do a training before, especially for the german, then you can come to me, to Turning Tables.
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