Hello guys, i successfully made my A1 German course and wrote an exam which i did pretty well and the next course would be in VHS (Volkshochschule). It would be a six months course according to them and 5hours everyday, i wanted to start a full time job but i really want to know the importance of the course and maybe i should wait to make it instead of ignoring it. What would be your advise on this please?
Thanks i await your responses
asked Nov 16, 2016 in Education by Zino | 716 views
Hello, Ziino, please go on with your German courses. You will never get the chance again to learn in a relaxed atmosphere without any aditional pressure from your job. Furthermore, if you continue your German course at a later time, the job center won't come up for the costs and it will have a huge impact on your budget. The chances to find a good job are much higher when you have a good knowledge and a higher level. For studies you would even need a C1 level, so please, go on with your language course! If you are aiming at a permanent residence permit you will even need to prove that you passed an integration certificate!  
Thank you very much for your response Rockrose, really appreciate. Yesterday was my first day at the German course which is B1+ but i find it very difficult and hard because i did only A1 which i got a good Punkt and was moved direct to B1+ without A2 or B1. It's a six months course and I'm willing to stay and finish it but is there any book or dictionary that will be helpful because I'm sort of lost with some german words.

Hi @Zino find here some information about <b>hot to learn german online</b> https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/1685 <br><br> and here <b>some dictionaries </b> https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/1685. <br><br> @rockrose raised a good point: I find it very difficult myself to study German while working and would suggest to definitely focus on learning German if you have the chance to do so without it impacting on you budget =)

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Hello Zino,

The ESF-BAMF Program wants to support refugees in order to facilitate their integration into the labour market.
Communicating at work differs from communication in everyday life like you learned it in previous courses.

Of how much help this program is for you  depends on your personal situation and your visions about your future job.
If you are searching for a job with a lot of client contact it would certainly be useful.
If you are searching for a highly specialized job, I doubt that they will teach you the particular language in this course.

Do you have a good perspective to get the job you want without further improving your German language skills?
With around 700 hours of training, this is a lot of time to invest. But it seems to be for free.
How do you see your chances with or without this course on the labour market for the job you want?

Please see for further info:
answered Nov 16, 2016 by Danny
Thank you very much Danny, the ESF BAMF is a free course and i really want to put much interest in it.. according to the letter i have from the VHS, the 6months course will include practicals and also learning of handwork if i wish and with also learning German. My field of study is business administration and i think computer lessons for me will also be a good idea and also learning of any handwork will also not be a bad move either with chances of making practicals every week. I'm able to communicate in German now having made A1 already but I'm thinking this course would be a great opportunity for me. Or what do you think?
Thank you for the additional info about your situation, Zino.
You mention a lot of positive aspects that this course would bring you.
This course really seems to be a good option for you, if you have no other pressing plans.
You could still try to get a full time job during the time of the course if you want to.
I mean, the primary goal is to enhance your possibilities on the labour market.
So if you find a job before the end of the course, this also should be ok.
Here is a very long study I found about the evaluation of this kind of courses.
Most of the respondents seem to be very satisfied with the course and the practicals (page 62-63).<br> ****://***.esf.de/portal/SharedDocs/PDFs/DE/Aktuelles/2014/evaluation_bamf.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=1
Thank you very much Danny, i totally appreciate everything and this was very helpful...

Much love
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