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Im from syria .. I finished b1 but jobcenter refused to pay for b2 course  while i know that jobcenter accepted for many people .. any suggestions please .. thanks
asked Jun 23, 2016 in Education by Hossam
Hello Hossam, did the jobcenter justify the decision? This may be an approach for a solution.
Thanks for your response .. My vermittler didnt give a reason and said that they dont pay for b2 and BAMF might pay
Integration, which is paid for by the state, only goes up to B1.
do you need it for studying? Then you could apply for assistance at otto von Benicke

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as far as I know the jobcenter only has to pay B1 so far. But in July BAMF is going to expand their support and you have a chance to get B2 paid too. See this information: (Google translation of German text). Original:

Regards, Jan
answered Jun 24, 2016 by Jan
Much appreciated
Thanks a lot.
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