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Hi MoniLink, for 5 days Holiday you don't need a Visa according to my information.

Basically you are allowed to stay in any EU Country for up to 3 months within a period of 6 months (as long as you don't work there) given that you are a recognized refugee with a blue passport.

Event though Bulgaria is not part of Schengen it does not require a Visa for  German residence titles such as jours. There will be a passport control though but your blue passport should be sufficient.

I would recommend you to double check with the embassy or General consulate of Bulgaria here in Germany to make sure they have not introduced any restrictive special rules for refugees in the meantime. And maybe also call the Airline just in case.
answered Nov 15, 2016 by Marcel
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Thanks a lot dear Marcel!  I was astonished as I got other list where Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria etc not mentioned.
Well, that's a good Point. Bulgaria has not signed this European treaty on visa-free travelling for refugees with blue passports. However they have decided to allow a visa-free travel of people that have received permission to stay in a Schengen state such as Germany. Have you tried to contact the Bulgarian embassy here in Germany to find out how they are handling it in their day-to-day practice?
@monilink ? any news about your travel arrangements and visa? let us know how it worked out for you
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Thanks a lot dear Paolo for such a quick response! Have a nice weekend too!
answered Nov 13, 2016 by Don’t Know
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