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Sometimes my employer asks me to fill in some forms, but I do not know what to do actually. How do we overcome the language barrier since he is not willing to speak English to me? I did not have the time yet to learn German that much.
asked Oct 13, 2016 in Work by WefugeesEvent

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Unfortunately you can not change the attitude of most germans that quick. They will still expect you to understand their language. Of course there are nice german people, but society as a whole will have to adapt to the new situation. And you will be part of that society. You can become social worker, doctor, lawyer or something else that will be important to be a better contact person in the future than we are right now. You will be the next generation and you can be a better partner than we were. Unfortunately there is no quick solution. So we have to think in a long-term dimension to change things.
answered Oct 13, 2016 by EmilyK
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