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Hello Zino,

it‘s a bit difficult to answer your question in general, for many details have to be considered and things are too complex to be explained in simple words. It‘s even harder to translate the final explanation into English (at least for me).

So I decided to offer you another way of solving your problem:
Use an online calculator: ****://bit.ly/2cp1Jyk

Let me guide you through the 4 steps leading to your solution by translating the terms of the forms:

- Step 1 (Form 1: Person):

I‘ve got a partner [ ] Yes [ ] No
I am living with children
[ ] children until the age of 5 years
[ ] children until the age of 6 years
[ ] children from the age of 7 years until the age of 13
[ ] children from the age of 14 years until the age of 16
[ ] children from the age of 16 years until the age of 17
[ ] children from the age of 18 years until the age of 24 and adult people

Continue to step 2 (click the green button)

- Step 2 (Form 2: Housing):

Rent per month in Euro: [ ] €
Additional costs without heating costs [ ] €
Heating costs [ ] €
Costs for warm water in heating costs included: Yes [ ] or No [ ]

Continue to step 3 (click the green button on the right botton; if you want to go back to form 1 click the green button on the left bottom)

- Step 3 (Form 3: Increased demand):

I am pregnant: Yes [ ] or No [ ]

If you suffer from severe deseases and you need special nutrition you may have an increased demand of 40,40€ or 80,80€ per month.

Continue to step 4 (click the green button on the right botton; if you want to go back to form 3 click the green button on the left bottom)

- Step 4 (Form 4: Income):

Gross income: [ ] € per month (this could be your 450 € Minijob)
Net income (Take-home amount) [ ] € per month (this could be your 450 € Minijob)
Other kinds of income [ ] € per month
If you get housing benefit [ ] € per month

The following of fields of this form are not important for you, I translate them anyway

Insurance contribution for a car [ ] €
Contract of annuity contribution (Riester-Vertrag) [ ] €

Continue to step 5 (click the green button on the right botton; if you want to go back to form 4 click the green button on the left bottom)

- Step 5: Result form with informations about the height of social benefits you can expect

I hope you are successfull in calculating your social welfare benefit on your own now.
An example calculation for 1 adult Person with the calculator given above without knowing costs of rent etc. is attached as PDF:

Kind regards, Jan
answered Sep 9, 2016 by Jan
Thank you very much Jan, I'm currently living alone in an apartment which the sozialamt is paying for me. And also paying me monthly for welfare. So my questions is if I start a mini job while learning German language, will they stop to pay my rent or stop to pay me monthly? Which one of the two because my mini job is only for 450 euro montly..
Thanks Zino
The social welfare office (Sozialamt) won't stop to pay if you have a mini job for only 450 € monthly. The instructions given above.will demonstrate that.
Hi Jan, nice work and very useful tool!
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Hello Zino,

I've got some additional information concerning your minijob. I thought it might be interesting for you to hear (even though it is not directly related to your original question).

Since you are getting money from the Sozialamt, there are some specific rules which percentage of your income you can keep: that is 30% (up to a maximum of 202 Euro)

In your case it leads to the following calculation:

30% of the 450 Euro = 135 Euro

As a single guy you have the right to get 404 Euro of Sozialhilfe per month (standard rate or "Regelsatz"). In sum you'll have 539 Euro when you start your minijob (+ the money for your rent etc. that is not included in the standard rate (Regelsatz)).

answered Sep 14, 2016 by Thor
Thanks a bunch Thorgen, this is a perfect answer and i really appreciate it a lot.

I'm glad to hear that it was helpful for you!
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I would like to add a general information update: things change in 2017. Informations provided by the Federal Government of Germany on September 21, 2016: ****://bit.ly/2d1H6rh (Text in German).

Your social welfare benefit is different according to your residence status in Germany.
For details see information given by the Federal Ministry and Consumer Protection of Justice: ****://bit.ly/2d1JmyK (Text in German). I am sorry to say that these information source is very elaboratet. As I said some time before in this thread: the matter is a complex one.

Kind regards, Jan
answered Sep 22, 2016 by Jan
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