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I am Mai from Syria and I want to get out of here because of the difficult situation Does no one can help me to get a call to action or Visa Tours please. I pay the full amount because there is only this way to get out and my kids and I thank you from my heart
asked Sep 6, 2016 in Other Questions by MAIM
Have you got any close family members who stay in Germany?
Where are you now?
No I do not have any member of my family there
I am now in Syria in need of assistance
Anna, I would really like to know which pracitcal possiblities do you see for concrete help. It's easy to ask for more informations but it's quite hard to draw conclusions. If you see any general chance for any humanitary help it would be great you'd share your Information.
Hello Suleika. I am trying to look for options or contacts doing some researches. I do not think I will find a solution, but maybe someone else will help us. I will keep you up to date.
That's what I expected to hear. I looked for a realistic solution, too. But is it a good idea to ask for information details (well-meant, of course!) if it's even hard to find a general solution? Hope is of great value, I feel we should be careful to cherish false hopes. Maybe I am a person who acts with too much discretion, but I am always thinking about what I would feel if a was in someone else's shoes.
I do agree as well!

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