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I am searching for a kindergarten for my two years old daughter in Solingen
can anybody help me
asked Sep 6, 2016 in Home & Living by rasha
thank you all , I have found one because of you :*
Congratulations, it's great to hear that you were successful so quickly!
Thanks for you feedback, it's good to hear that your search was successful. Take care!

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a list of several kindergarten and similar institutions:
A special one for very young childeren (as your daughte):
Kindertagesstätte Wichtelburg:

Kind regards, Jan
answered Sep 6, 2016 by Jan
thank you alot
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Hello rasha,

there are a couple of Kindergärten in Solingen. See the list on the following link:

All these institutions want you to call them (just click on the links and scroll down to find the phone number). Then you get an appointment where you can get to know the Kindergarten and the people there. Hopefully they have some free places left.

Keep in mind that there is a huge demand for Kindergärten which is why it can be quite time consuming to find a place.

Best regards,
answered Sep 6, 2016 by Thor
thank you
The link in Thor's posting doesn't work for me.
Thank you for the hint. It looks like they updated their website. I just corrected my post and added the new link.
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