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Every weekend , we have the same problem with our son he feel bored ,we don't know where we can take him or what we can do for him
Please tell me how i can find any activities ,planning , trips or parties  that i can take him to play with other kids .
it will be good for us that we can communicate  with new people , maybe we can develop our deutsch language  a little bit  specially i have newborn baby that i can't start any course
Thank u very much for ur helping
Best regards
asked Nov 14, 2015 in Home & Living by Tania
Hi Tanja, welcome to this community :) may I ask you how old your son is? Best regards. Human
4,5 thanks for ur attention
Hi,  In Germany there are places called "Spielplatz". They are outside and  kids can play together for free. You can have a look at google maps where you can find the next in your area. On of the most beautiful places is here: Rathenauplatz 50674 Köln (Neustadt Süd)

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Here you have a few places where you can bring your son:
- Rheinpark: large play ground for kids with a Train Park
- Kölner Jugendpark: outdoor playground for families and young people
- Okidoki Köln: Indoor playground, recreation area for parents and families
- Silly Billy Kinder Indoor-Spielpark: variety of activities for children, indoor playground
answered Nov 16, 2015 by Beatriz
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Hey, the following website posts events for every weekend and there is one topic for families. Its in German but with Google Translate, I am sure you can understand.

right now there is a movie festival for kids, you can find more information here:

there is a facebook group for kids activities in Köln:öln-227971530572466/

Enjoy Köln!
answered Nov 17, 2015 by JenGo
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