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Is anyone has ever used the "bahn.bonus Card" what is exactly and is it good to have it or it will be a headache more than bonus and benefits ?

I've checked the page below but I'm translating the page by google and  I'm afraid that I missed some important details.

Thank you ..
asked Aug 9, 2016 in Information & Offers by Rebiwar

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the 'Bahn Bonus Card" is a customer loyalty program of "Deutsche Bahn", you can use it as a common or as kind of a premium customer (BahnCard User). After you have registered ( you can collect bonus points with any train ticket you buy. If you have got enough points you can choose a bonus gift from a bonus catalogue  (
It's a respectable program but it's only worth to register if you travel quite often by train.

Kind regards, Jan
answered Aug 9, 2016 by Jan
Thank you Jan..
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Hey Rebiwar,

Jan is totally right, I use a BahnCard 25 (which gives you a discount of 25% / trip) for 4 years now 'cause I had to commute a lot between Hamburg and Berlin.
It took me a long time to collect sufficient points to get such a bonus gift Jan mentioned before.
Furthermore you can use a BahnCard for longdistance journeys only so it is not worth if you just stay in one city.

I hope that answer will help. Best wishes
answered Aug 16, 2016 by Torben
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Hi Rebiwar,

as Jan already said a "Bahn Bonus Card" has the highest pay-off if you travel a lot by train. Then it probably is a nice way to get some gifts.

Apart from that you can get extra-points by buying stuff from partner-companies of Deutsche Bahn. For example if you rent a bike/car or a hotel room at the companies you find through this link:

Keep in mind that bonus-points expire after 12-36 months. That's another indicator that this program is aiming at people that frequently take the train. Otherwise you won't be abled to collect the high number of points required to get most of the gifts.
answered Aug 17, 2016 by Thor
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