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Dear wefugee this is Dona again:)One more thing I would like to know :)Are refugees allowed to volunteer?I love animals very much and would like to volunteer in an animal shelter also I think by volunteering I could learn German faster:)Does anyone know any animal shelter that needs volunteer in or around Oerlinghausen?
Thanks in advance:)
asked Jun 19, 2016 in Other Questions by Donarost
Great idea!! :)
Thanks:)hope can make it come true :)

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of course you can be a volunteer!
A few links which match with your interest:

Kind regards, Jan
answered Jun 20, 2016 by Jan
Thanks Jan I will contact them and see which one is closer and which one needs volunteer:)
Hey Donarost, how did it go? did you find a place where you can volunteer?
Hi Juanarguello  to tell the truth I have mailed to different organizations but no answer ,only got one reply that said they are not a shelter, all their dogs live in private foster homes until they find their new familiy:(others did not reply:(thanks for asking:)
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