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Really need help with this

If someone is granted refugee status in one EEA country are they then able to move and most importantly WORK in another EEA country?

What are the rules and procedure?

Please someone help with this and link to the relevant law/directive/caselaw judgement etc anything that shows this

asked Feb 5 in Legal advice by Jonjo (120 points)

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Hi @Jonjo :)

I found this website that says that refugees are allowed to travel visa-free to most Schengen states using their blue passport:

You can to stay there up to a maximum of 90 days, but you are not allowed to work. After 90 days you have to return. You are not allowed to stay there for more than 90 days within a half-year.

I think the earliest point in time when you are allowed to settle and work abroad is after five years.

Hope this helps you!

All the best,
answered Feb 6 by Lea (5,610 points)
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