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Ich komme aus Syrien.
Und ich habe einen Führerschein von Syrien auch.
Er beendet sich im Juli 2016.
Meine Frage ist:
Was soll ich tun, um meinen Führerschein zu tauschen?
asked Jun 6, 2016 in Other Questions by Sara

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Hello Sara,

hurry up, you can apply for a temporary valid license in a German citizen center or town hall (valid 6 months). This can be prolongate for another 6 months.
Then you have to pass a German driving license exam (theory and practice). You don't have to do a special training for that, just register for a driving license exam at a driving school.

For short information see (German text - Google translation)
For details see (very detailed, German text - Google translation)

Kind regards, Jan
answered Jun 6, 2016 by Jan
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