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hello everybody

I am in Germany since 5 months but never feel at home in my room. i want to add nice things and maybe find a radio or speakers for music but dont have the money. I am embarrased to ask where can i find things like that for cheap or free? like a radio or nice pictures and lights. Thank you very much!!
asked May 10, 2016 in Home & Living by amira15
Hello Amira, could you please tell us where do you live in Germany right now? It's easier to come forward with a precise proposal if you share this detail with us.
Hi Jan. I am in Berlin

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Hello Amira,

ask some of providers in this requirements list for refugees in Berlin, maybe the can put your requests on a wish list in case they can't help you instantly: (German Text); (Google Translation)

Kind regards, Jan
answered May 11, 2016 by Jan
That is a good idea! Thank you
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Hi Amira! There Is a group in Facebook called "free your stuff in Berlin" where people ask for things they need or others give them for free. take a look! :)
answered May 10, 2016 by Lauli
I will look! thank you :)
Hi Amira :) I can definitely recommend "Free Your Stuff Berlin" ( ! There are also groups for each neighborhood (Free Your Stuff Neukölln, Kreuzberg, etc.). In these groups there aren´t posts as often, but there will be less people in the group trying to get the same items. Good luck!!
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Hi Amira,

and welcome to Wefugees :)

Do you know ebay-kleinanzeigen?
here you can find a lot of stuff for not much money or even for no money.

I just clicked "zu verschenken" wich means its for free
and "berlin" for you. So you can have a look at the following link.

here I found some radios for you. They are all for free:

Best regards and I hope this was helpful,
answered May 11, 2016 by Conny
Ebay-Kleinanzeigen is also working for other cities in Germany, if anyone is looking for something similar. I always had good experiences with it. Best regards. :)
wow! do people not listen to radio? there are so many. This is really good thank you very much! :)
Technical stuff (such as a radio) should be tested locally even if it's free of charge. It's very frustrating if you get an only partially working radio. I checked the free radio offers on Ebay given above. I doubt if I would be really happy with one of the offers, in one case I don't believe that the radio tuner really works well (device usually resided on a balkony...). Ebay classified advertisements are in German, you should have basic language kowledge.
It's true, Ebay offers are in german. Maybe you can translate it with google translator, or ask a friend for help. You can also always ask if you can try the radio before taking it home. Wish you all the best
Hello Amira, I must say I have only had good experiences with ebay kleinanzeigen :) you should definetly try it out. best of luck. kind regards, Juan
Nobody says it's not worth trying but you should carefully look at what you get. Especially equipment should work if you get it and that's a thing you can't see on a picture. The given explanations are often exiguous, mainly if goods are free or nearly free.
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answered May 12, 2016 by HeiDe
cool ideas! Thanks Heide :)
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Hey Amira,
the best place to find nice lively stuff is a "Flohmarkt". It's a market, where private persons sell their stuff they don't need any more. And very often you find suprising and astonishing things. It's fun to deal with the sellers. There are many in Berlin around.
answered Jun 10, 2016 by anamni
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