Hello, I would like to know where I can buy clothes for few money in Berlin? Women clothes, thanks.
asked Oct 14, 2015 in Home & Living by Nour | 3,414 views

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I found this link with the best cheap clothing stores in Berlin, I hope it helps: ****://***.yelp.***/search?find_desc=Cheap+Clothing+Stores&find_loc=Berlin&start=0&cflt=womenscloth&attrs=RestaurantsPriceRange2.1
answered Oct 14, 2015 by Beatriz
thank you!
Can we also find clothes for children there?
TRY finding a store called diakonie or flea markets in german they are called flohmarkt. If you are in stylish clothes check on facebook search for mädelsflohmarkt , weiberkram or kleiderwirbel. They are events which girls meet to sell some of their clothes. Often takes place on Sundas
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i each city you can buy very cheap things in a "Flohmarkt". There are selled used AND new clothes and other things. These Markets are open normally on saturday or sunday. One of them is in Berlin "Straße des 17.Juni" aside of the train station "Tiergarten".
answered Oct 15, 2015 by bk90de
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Hello :)

If you are fine with Second Hand Clothes, this could be an option for you:


I go shopping there every now and then and they have some nice stuff, a bit vintage.
answered Oct 25, 2015 by Jules
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If you are looking for new clothes you can go to PRIMARK at Alexanderplatz (U2) or Walter-Schreiber-Platz (U9).

They sell cheap clothes, shoes and other stuff for women, men and children
answered Oct 28, 2015 by Inaya
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There are a few free shops in Berlin:

*Trial and Error Tauschladen- open Tuesdays and Thursdays 15.00-19.00 at Mareschstrasse 10 by S-bahn Sonnenallee. Mostly clothes (also for children). You can come and take what you want, bring what you want for free or for a small donation! It is a nice little community
*Leila-  Fehrbelliner Straße 92: lots of clothes and lots of things you can borrow if you are a member for a cheap monthly price, i think a few euros (everything from bikes to tents to tools...)
*There was one right at the plaza on the east side of the Ostkreuz S bahn, I don't know if it is still there

There are a few more I am pretty sure, but I can't think of them at the moment.
answered Oct 29, 2015 by yaya
There is also another free shop in Friedrichshain: Schenkladen, Jessnerstr. 41. You can take max. 5 articles of clothing at once.  
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'There are some discounter chains like Ernsting's family, Kik, Primark, Takko
answered Dec 16, 2015 by Joschi
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I know its too late for reply here, but I want to give an answer, maybe my answer will help you and many others, I mostly buy clothes in a quite cheap rate from ReeCoupons, here stuff are damn good and you can easily buy whatever you want, next time once visit there, I hope you will definitely find quality stuff.

answered Jun 29, 2020 by hazelmark760
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You can easily buy cheap clothes from Walmart by using walmart promo code.

Thank you!

answered Jun 15, 2022 by billbailey
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Some cheap stores are Ernsting's family, Kik, Primark, Takko, and word hurdle

answered May 20, 2023 by pinaforecast
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You can find affordable clothing options at various online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Don't forget to check out their clearance sections for even better deals discount

answered Aug 1, 2023 by farhadseo99
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Tafel dear , find it in your area and have more place take clothes and kitchen accessories free too
answered Aug 1, 2023 by Jassica
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answered Sep 7, 2023 by farhadseo99


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