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There was an online live deutsch course for Kiron University students which one is conducted by Leuphana University at L√ľneberg. It was supposed to started in January. But till today there's no update, why?

Someone contacted me and took Skype interview but after that that no feedback. I am waiting...
asked Feb 8, 2016 in Other Questions by MoniLink (5,060 points)

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Hello MoniLink,

The support team of the course should be able tell you what's up:

Good luck, Jan
answered Feb 8, 2016 by Jan (59,810 points)
Leave a comment ..and what is the name of that course can you tell me and if you find another one tell me please
I haven't got more information than you can find at so far.
Dear mohaadeyz, here you can find online-ressources for learning german
Leave a comment ...dear Anna thank you so much I appreciate you
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Hello Moni,

I work in Kiron Open Higher Education in the Student Support team. I know this post is from a long time ago, but were you able to figure out the problem with the course?
I suggest going on the Kiron Student Forum ( and looking for what other students have posted/ask questions there as well. There you can interact with other students from your study track. Many of your questions have already been answered, and there are great comments for you to read.

Kind regards,
Kiron Student Support

answered Nov 11, 2016 by Kiron-HelpDesk (1,600 points)
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