Hi everyone!

I was a reporter by profession. Now I would like to learn professional photography or videography or video editing as Ausbildung. Can anyone help me?
asked Feb 5, 2016 in Education by Don’t Know | 787 views

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Hi MoniLink,

I thought about your wish the during the last days and I come up with one more idea.

You could try to get a hands-on-training by writing an unsolicited application to a local company.
Maybe the WDR (a broadcasting corporation) could offer you something like that. More information here: ****://tinyurl.***/z6lf76c
Such trainings are often a matter of negotiation, it's worth to try, even though such trainings are eligible by many German youngsters. Hands-on-trainings are short-time oriented, this, I think, could be the key for your success. The application conditions can be found here: ****://tinyurl.***/h9j9law

Kind regards, Jan
answered Feb 9, 2016 by Jan
Thanks so much dear Jan! Du bist sehr nett!
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Hello MoniLink,
if you want to do an "Ausbildung" -regardless which specific profession you want- you can inform yourself at the "Arbeitsagentur". You can also **** up some photo studios and ask if they are looking for Auszubildende.

If you "just" want to do a course in photography, you can do that at the Volkshochschule, see the following link:

another opportunity is to do a course at a photo studio:

Both the VHS and the photo studio are located in Dortmund because you already mentioned that you live near Dortmund in an earlier post. Of course you will find those programs in every other city in Germany!

If you need more information, just tell me! :)

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answered Feb 5, 2016 by jinyus
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Hi MoniLink,

you can achieve those skills by yourself with video tutorial couses offered by video2brain: ****://tinyurl.***/hycgjqq
An alternative to Video2brain is Rheinwerk: ****://tinyurl.***/zyt5tt6

I gained experience with video tutorials of both companies, I can truely  recommend them.

All of these courses are in German (by the way a good opportunity to learn a language), they are available in many public libraries, ask for video based training material in your local public library. The fees of public libraries in Germany are inexpensive in the majority of cases.

Regards, Jan
answered Feb 5, 2016 by Jan
Thanks a lot Jan !!!
Hi MoniLink. I don't know where exactly you stay in North Rhine-Westphalia, but anyway, here is a list of public libraries in NRW: ****://tinyurl.***/zopjnrd
I live in Werl. But I need practical training
another attempt to help you: Soest ist a town close to Werl, the "Volkshochschule Soest" offers trainings for different levels: ****://tinyurl.***/jzqbcuy
You both didn't understand me, I know these places, if I search then can get even thousands, and there are millions video is online but I want to learn live from any person or institutions. And very big questions is, who will pay for me at VHS? So why are you giving that addresses where I can't get real help! I need any organization which is providing this course free of charge for asylum seekers
Sorry that I might not have understood what you really meant, but there is no need getting displeased because of misunderstanding. Your question was formulated in a general way, now we know precisely what you are looking for.
The big public broadcasting corporations in Germany use video trainigs for the education of young journalists, even for young technicians with basic knowledge, so my advice in my first posting has a practical reason.
Thnx a lot Jan, I wasn't displeased. Don't misunderstand me please! You gave huge information! But I told you, as an asylum seeker it's not so easy to take part everywhere!

Best wishes for you

Hi Moni, please make sure to ask questions as specific as possible, so people understand your situation and know what you are looking for exactly.
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Hi Jinyus,

Thanks for your answer. Photography or videography is my hobby. Better tell me about other company what you said here in another post, how can I join there?

Best wishes for you,

answered Feb 5, 2016 by Don’t Know
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I think I've understood your concern, therefore I recommended the photo studio, where they do professional workshops, as well as the Ausbildung as a photographer. But as the others said, in Germany everything costs money!

I will **** for such an organisation that makes these workshops for free, but I'm nearly sure that there is no chance to find those because all the equipments and programs that you need for such a profession (PLUS the manhour, which is nearly the most precious ressource here in Germany) are very expensive. It is not like a sports team or a music course that are often offered by volunteers, it's quite different. But nevertheless, I will browse through the internet, maybe I will find something in your neighbourhood ;-)
answered Feb 8, 2016 by jinyus
Wow Jiny you're really so kind! You're really genius!!!
@monilink, could you tell me how old you are and what your highest graduation / qualification is?
Hi Jiny, thanks a lot, I have finished my masters degree from literature and did journalism more than 12 years. I have a little knowledge about computer-related work or IT. I want to build my career in this field or something like that. My email address is: press.moni@gmail.***. If you please send your one then I can send my details to you. Best wishes for you, Moni
A bit more about me: I have knowledge website management, search engine optimization, social media marketing & content marketing also.
Oh sorry, forgot to tell you my age, currently I am 31 years old.
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I know this question is already older but I found a photography workshop for free and remembered the question here. It's not an Ausbildung or anything like that, it is just for fun but I'm sure you can learn a lot because it's guided by professional photographers and takes about 4 hours.

The period is from may to november and it takes place in nearly every city in Germany. You have to take your own camera with you and you have to register because the amount of participants is limited.

For further information **** here:


if you need help with the language, you can contact me, or just ask here.

answered Apr 3, 2016 by jinyus
Thanks a lot dear Jenny
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