when is an internship in a company allowed for refugees? And when it makes sense?

asked Jan 2, 2016 in Work by Dave | 753 views

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I don't know about the legal aspect, but it couldn't do any harm to write some applications to companies of interest even if they did not advertise. Job search is all about high numbers.
answered Jan 2, 2016 by worldnoir
Thx, but the reality is, i am looking for people who want to make an internship in my small company. And i don't know how the legal aspects and the way to contact. And before i start with a public advertisment it is necessary to know the legal aspects.I have access to the applicant profile catalogue of the job center. But there are only two people listed there. A romanian women with age 50 speaking zero language skills in german or english and cleaning expierence only.
We had sometimes students in past for mechanical and electrical, but now no applicants. Although we have an bulletin at our university. I think it is the time, that students like to make internships in the holidays or at the beginning of the semester. Probably later there are conflicts with the exams.
I wouldn't be so sure it is because of exams. If you want students,try advertising on stepstone.de or dsble.de for example. Maybe you can also put a flyer in a local refugee home.
Indeed it is not so easy to get in touch with them. I don't know a local refugee home.
Hi, as per I know if job giver accept any refugee for his/her company there are no problem but need a small permission from Ausländerbehorde
stepstone is quite expensive (920€) but i create on in dsble.de for free
It is not published yet, since there is a check procedure. But if you are interested please check for Ilmenau, Buchanan Systems GmbH
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