My name is Husam, from Syria, 36 years old. I am living currently in Berlin.
In Syria, I have studied Finance & Accounting. And i have good experience in this field.
I am learning now German language, and i have break during August.
It would be great, if you could help me to find any practicum or training in any company here in Berlin in Finance & Accounting Field.
Many thanks
asked Jul 14, 2016 in Work by HSS
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3 Answers

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The organisation "Die Wille" which is located in Berlin/Wedding offers a special internship and mentoring programme for refugees. They help them finding internships and prepare them for the German labour market: http://bit.ly/29RegZ2 (English below)

For high-skilled people with an academic background as you are "mygrade" might be even more interesting. It is an  network that brings refugees in contact with intersectoral employers from all over Germany: http://bit.ly/29RfBz3
answered Jul 14, 2016 by Avenir
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Hello Husam,

I did a retrieval at 'praktikum.info' and found this: http://bit.ly/29GiVJG
Site language is German, I hope, you get along.
Please have a look at the German keywords above the retrieval result list, they can guide you to other practicum offers that could match with your request.

Good luck, Jan
answered Jul 14, 2016 by Jan
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Hi Husam,

If you want, you could send me an email with your CV to johann.lieb@avenir-berlin.de? I can forward it to an NGO that is looking for an accounting assistant at the moment. As the position won't be filled before the beginning of September they might be open to welcoming you in their accounting team for the interim period, e.g. for August.

Of course I cannot promise anything yet, but with your CV at hand it will be the easiest to get a quick reply.

One question that is important for that: Is your degree in Finance & Accounting already recognised in Germany?

Should you be unsure about that it doesn't matter yet. However, https://www.anerkennung-in-deutschland.de/html/ar/index.php might be helpful anyway.

Best regards,

answered Jul 19, 2016 by Avenir
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