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Hello every body ,

we are from Syria ,

we come to Germany in september , we started from horst then transfer us to schewrin  then transfer us to braunchweing  then transfer us to harsfeld (far away from hamburg one hour )

they transfered us to harsfeld to wait the post from the court to do the finger print and interview ,

we are here in harsfeld since 1 of october ,

when the post come ???? until now we didnot do finger print ,

if some Information can take from you to help us .

thanks alot ,

asked Nov 15, 2015 in Asylum proceedings by iman

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Hello Iman,
the facilities where you have been living are responsible for you and they must have provided the new address to the General Office every time you have been transferred to a different facility.
The whole process might take time, bureaucracy can be slow, but they will probably get in contact with you soon. The Office will inform you of the progress of the asylum process and about your rights and responsibilities during the process.
If you have further questions you can also ask to the social workers who are in charge of the facility where you are living at the moment, they probably can give you more information.
answered Nov 16, 2015 by Beatriz
I would like to say something different: Make sure that the Bundesamt für Flüchtlinge und Migration (BAMF) is getting your new adress, the Anmeldung for example is something different. It is not for sure that the camp is giving that information. Ask them if they did. Often its forgotten and then you are not reciving your letters. In the end its your responicibility (§ 10 I AsylVfG) and you have to take care about it. If somethings went wrong you need to make a Wiedereinsetzungsgesuch... so make sure BAMF is having your adress...
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