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My wife in Germany for 8 months now,,, her RP is 25 Abs.2
She applied for reunion, but if I have valid  schingin visa from France and I want to go to Germany through France before waiting for the reunion visa ,,, And I will apply for assylum in Germany also,,,
Is there any Problem?
asked Nov 13, 2015 in Legal advice by Wajdy

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Hello Wajdy:

- Depending of the type of visa you have, you can spend more or less time in Schengen Area member countries (check your type of visa here:, you should check it before you travel to visit your wife so that you know how long you can stay. So yes with the right type of VISA you can travel there.
- Regarding to applying for asylum once more. If you have already been granted asylum by another country (France), your application in Germany might not be accepted ( So it might be hard to obtain asylum from Germany.
- However, since you have you wife in Germany and she has applied for family reunification, it is possible for you to reunite with her ( but you will have to follow every step of the process according to German bureaucracy and it might take long.

answered Nov 16, 2015 by Beatriz
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