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I am looking for a homosexual association or organization, here in Berlin.
I am now living in Mitte if there is any there.
asked Oct 21, 2015 in Activities by Jack (110 points)

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Here some organizations, some of them in Mitte:

LesMigraS (they do antidiscrimination and anti-violence work and counseling in different languages for Lesbians/bisexual Migrants, Black Lesbians and Trans*people):

ABqueer (counselling and education):

Schwulenberatung Berlin (counselling for homosexuals): (Every tuesday and friday from 2-6pm meeting point, help, support, counselling and community services for LGBTI refugees at this adress: Cafe Kuchus, Wilhelmstraße 115, 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg.)
Phone: 030 – 233 690 70


GLADT (independent self-organized association of LGBTT from turky, events, counselling, language-courses):
answered Oct 21, 2015 by raz (250 points)
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What your question is about, concrete?
Was you successfully in finding what you need.
There will be an event for lesbian, gays, Trans* queer people
On the 17th of Dec., I'll tell more later.
answered Dec 13, 2015 by ACM (570 points)
It's on the 16th
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answered Dec 13, 2015 by ACM (570 points)
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This one might be good and especially for refugees:

Here is the bigest organisation in Berlin:

Enjoy. Cheers
answered Jan 24, 2016 by Kath (410 points)
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