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What kind of documents do I need in Germany?
What do I have to be careful with?

Thanks a lot guys!!
You are helping me so much :)
asked Oct 15, 2015 in Home & Living by human
that would interest me, as well!

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When you apply for an apartment, overall you will need:
• A Schufa entry, which proves that you are not in debt. You can apply for this here (unfortunately only in German).
• A prove of income. The documents you will get from the job center will state that you receive state support. That counts as prove of income.
• A passport or another document of identification.
• Usually, you also need a statement that you don’t owe your previous landlord any money.

Little pieces of advice:
- Always say that it’s absolutely wonderful and that you would love to move in.
- Try to make a good impression, tell them you are a very quiet person. Germans like quietness :)
- Put on a big smile and hope the landlord is a nice guy
answered Oct 15, 2015 by Beatriz
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are you asking for an apartment or for a telefone flat?

a lot of telefone flat (except telecom) is very expensive if you want ro make telefone calls outside germany. a telekom falt is in the base a litttel bit more expensive but you can use inside each other telecom-company, so you can select your proce for calls which are more expensive. My 3 examples ro call 10 hours per month from germany to colombia/america latin:
- pure telekom (20 minutes aprox 20 €)
- netcologne (the base flat is 10€ less rhen teleckom base flat), 10 hourse to colombie 600 € each month
- telecom flat but calling another indicative 010..., using another comopany for the calls to colombia, each month aprox 55€ inclusice the 10 hours.
answered Oct 15, 2015 by bk90de
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