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I saw people collecting empty bottles in Berlin, I have heard they get money out of it. Where can we bring those bottles? Does it work with all kind of bottles? Thanks
asked Sep 29, 2015 in Home & Living by Salim
Hey Salim, it does not work with every kind of bottle, you have to check for one of the signs on the bottle ( The bottles have to be returned to a supermarket.
Hey, I can't read German, so if the bottle has one of the sign shown on your link, I can get money? Can I bring them to all supermarkets?
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Hey Salim, every bottle with the first sign is worth 25 cent, the other sign is worth 15 cent. normally every supermarket takes them back, there are some automatically take back stations. you put the bottle in it and when you finished, you press a button and will get a paper. with this paper you have to go to the cashier of the supermarket and he or she will give you the money.

Hey Caro, sorry for the mistake - i didn't get it right.
answered Oct 1, 2015 by Susanne
No worries, perfect :)
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in addition to the information given in this thread, you can get some further (and very detailled) information about "Pfand" by checking out the following answers here on wefugees:

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