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Hello I am Navid and I come from Iran, I am looking for someone to help me with personal law problems. Thanks for helping.
asked Sep 15, 2015 in Legal advice by Navid
Hello Navid! Thank you for your message! Where do you live so the community can help you?
I live in Berlin, in Mitte thanks

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Okay great, there is this iranian association located not so far away that offers every month (usually the first one of the month) law advices for free.
I hope that will help.
I wish you a nice evening!

Verein Iranischer Flüchtlinge in Berlin e.V.
Reuterstr. 52, 12047 Berlin
+49 (30) 62 98 15 30
answered Sep 15, 2015 by Caro
Thanks for this information! Do we have lawclinic in berlin?
I will like to know if A student that as stayed for more than four years can apply for European permanent residence in Berlin. Thanks
Hello @Ayinde - there is the so called "Refugee Law Clinic Berlin". They offer legal advice for refugees and other migrants in Berlin. Check out their website:
They have open consultation hours on mondays, tuesdays and thursdays. See the following link for further information where the consultation takes place:
If you want to get answers to your question by the wefugees community, just click the "ask a question" button on the top right corner (on a PC) or right next to the search bar (on a mobile). If you do so, I can link our competent lawyers.
Best regards,
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There are student law clinics throughout the whole country

Here is the one for cologne...
Just an example.

They help pretty much everyone
answered Sep 19, 2015 by Leo
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