Hi, I am trying to renew and get a permanent residence permit here in Germany. I was given the form to fill, and another form for the mother of my German child to fill out, but she refuses to sign. Mind you, I have been working for almost 5 years, I have been visiting my child and paying child support. I also have share custody.My foreign office said they gonna **** into it. I need some advice please.
asked Jun 4 in Other Questions by Jude Benson | 282 views

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I dont think this is a problem for you unless you are married to the mother of your child.. and you have your residence permit through her?. If thats the case then consult through a lawyer that will solve your problem faster. And if you get your PR continue supporting your child bcoz it will be a problem  in the future if you want to apply for Citizenship
answered Jun 4 by Jj061987
Thanks, we were not married, we just got a beautiful daughter together.
well said l was going to say the same thing to him. Also he should be proud of himself for working for 5 years and still pay maintenance for his child.  Some men out there abandon their children.
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