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i have 2 child in germany born.i is 6 and 1 is 4 years.i want to apply permanent residence.i give must 60 month pension or when a women give birth 3 years your pension automatically give by the govrmnt.or I must give 60 month pension.
asked Apr 2 in Asylum proceedings by Sofia waqas

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Hello again @Sofia waqas,

thank you for sharing your question with the Wefeugees community.

There are exemptions for women with small children. The time spent bringing up children until their 3rd birthday will be included in the 60 months, if it is documented in your information about your pension insurance periods. You can see this in the annual information which is automatically sent to you, or you just apply for an account clarification (the form can be found here: to get this information.

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answered Apr 3 by mbeon-Christine
Thnk you so much for ur helpful answer I am already member of m.mbeon.this app is really helpful. Thank you once again.
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