I gave got a letter from ABH for renewal of my resident permit. I am living with my GF from this year. She is paying the rent and her name is only in house contract. How can i provide the evidence of house contract and payment transfer which i don’t have. Can i provide the contract and transaction from my gf. Would that be enough for processing my case ?

PS The Owner knows that i am staying here but didnt provide us an extra contract
asked Jun 3 in Legal advice by Dreamchaser | 138 views

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Hi. Which address did you register before? You leave with you gf and you are suppose to have a house contract with you name too unless you are living there illegal without the landlord's acknowledge/ approval.

Again your last statement is untruthful because if it was real the landlord would have included you in the house contract. Even to register your address at Rathaus you need that document from the landlord.
answered 21 hours ago by Simi
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