I am living in Germany as asylum seeker with family since 4 months. We had got visa from greece so BAMF officer told that we will first contact greece then your case will start here. Now we are shifted to accomodation and got 6 months Ausweis. Now we have decided to move Italy. If we apply there asylum again, then would italy contact Germany or Greece for Dublin procedure?  And before moving to Italy, should we ask BAMF to close our case in Germany? Also
asked May 11 in Asylum proceedings by Zeshanbajwa | 293 views

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Hallo, Oh No, hold ON what is your urgency? Even by reading your message you seemed confused and in a rush. Take a deep breath, relax and be calm.

Moving to Germany needs a gigantic patience. You had Greece documents and that was a good move but seeking Asylum in Germany was a big mistake. Now that the authorities has answered and said you have to wait. Chances are you will be deported back to Greece.

And if you move to Italy (YES) the authorities there will know ACTUALLY they already know your process in EU countries hence that is why its called called EU,they share this information the time you apply visa or seek asylum through fingerprint.
answered May 11 by Simi
Thank you for your answer. The BAMF officer told me off the record that it's highly unlikely that greece will accept you back(while i requested not to deport us to greece). If that happens what chances are of winning a appeal against it if we explain about vulnerable condition of my wife with diabetes, depression and a high risk pregnancy as living conditions and treatment in greece would not be as effective as Germany. While moving to italy, still greece will be considered as a responsible country or this responsibility will be switched towards Germany as still no country is responsible for our asylum at the moment
Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.
Like l said Greece was and still  in charge of you because you applied a visa at their Embassy. BAMF will only speak of things that benefits them. Again you have no say when it comes to deportation that goes without a say. Best thing is to contact your lawyer and not make mistakes that you will regret again. All the best.
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