Our day started tragic today as we recieved Interview invitation from Bamf. Here is a little information about us:

- 2 parents with 2 undarage kids since 2022 july in Germany, applied in 2 days for Asylun after coming in

- mother does Minijob since june 2023

- mother does 30h hours job (other than minijob) since October 2023

- father does 30 hours job since november 2023

Since october 2023 we recieve 0 "Leistungen" and are completely on our own money and since last month we found us a house and moved out from Asylunterkunft.


What do we do? Everyone from our country recieves rejection despite harshening situation in Georgia right now.

Can we apply for 60d?

Could our young son start Ausbildung to save us?

We are in desperate need of help
asked May 11 in Asylum proceedings by Andrey_Malk | 318 views

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Dear @Andrey_Malk,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and sorry to hear about your struggles.

Georgia is considered by now as a so-called "safe country of origin" - please follow the link to see Handbook Germany's information on this as special regulations may apply. It is good to hear that you were allowed to work so far as the authorities usually don't give the permission for applicants from these so-called safe countries (they are usually not allowed to move out of the initial reception centres/to private housing either). In case your young son is not getting the permission to make a dual vocational training (Ausbildung), he may consider to start a school-based vocational training which doesn't require the authorities' permission.

I highly recommend you to get some individual advice at a specialised counselling office - the best would be the asylum procedure counselling (Asylverfahrensberatung) to assess your options. Someone needs to check your case as a whole - it is hardly possible to give serious legal advice based on very little information on this public platform. In general, for the §60d ("Beschäftigungsduldung") you need to be tolerated (holding a Duldung) for at least 12 months before being able to apply for it. I assume you are still holding an "Aufenthaltsgestattung", right?

All the best,


answered May 12 by Meike
Dear Meike,

Thank you for your reply. Yes we are still holding Aufenthaltsgestattung. I assume safe origin of Georgia was recognized just a while ago and thus why we were allowed to stay so long after 2022.
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