Hello everyone . My name is derek . I want to come to germany and work . But wanted to make appointment with the immigration office before i arrive . But the city i found a house and a work . Told me they couldn't give me appointment becouse my address is registered in köthen  . But i left germany 2022 . My alysmue was rejected and i face deportation wish i told the immigration office in köthen even via email and a proof of my appointment to get my back my forgotten document in italy . So what can i do now . And also i have a son in germany . But i'm only comming for work reason . ..

Last question . I make appointment also already . If i get the job contract and house registered.  Can i submit also to a lawyer for a work approval for the germany work agent . Since my resident permit allow me to work in another eu country . While i put the other information in letter box of the city immigration office till i go to my appointment.  Let me know . Life is difficult for me in italy that reason i want to move back there . And also have access to my son . Thank you
asked May 8 in Asylum proceedings by Derek | 110 views

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Hi @Derek

I already answered your other similar question on this. As for the address issue, you have an apartment in Bremen so you register (Anmeldung) as living in Bremen and then send the confirmation (Meldebestätigung) to the immigration office.

I do not understand the second part of your question. You seem to be referring to different applications and processes for a work permit and a residency permit. There is only one application you make, with or without a lawyer. This is the application for a residence permit with the immigration office. As part of the procedure, the immigration office sends the job offer to the Agentur für Arbeit for approval. You are not involved in this. Once the application is approved, you are issued with a residency permit which includes the right to work.



answered May 17 by mbeon-Éanna
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