We are living in Asylunterkunft for 1.5 year and we are looking forward to leave it. To move out to private housing we need to find home ourself. Our Sozialarbeiter has said that after accordingly checking our Income we can only find a home that costs 930KM. Which is too little for us. It can hardly get 70m² home, in which we wont be allowed to move out for small space anyways. We are still in Asylverfahren. We are getting no Asylbewerber leistungen anymore as we are independently having income.

What are some financial support we can apply to to reach adequate amount of € for moving out? Its ok if its only for Miete.

- Wohngeld & Kindergeld - not available to Asylbewerber

- Wohnberechtigungsschein - not a financial support, but might help find home that is cheap.

Any other chances? Please answer. Thank you.
asked Feb 7 in Home & Living by Andrey_Malk | 436 views

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Hi @Andrey_Malk

I unfortunately do not know of any other financial supports available to you. Under certain circumstances, you can be issued with a WBS.

It is also up to you as a family to decide how much of your income you are willing to spend on rent, and up to a landlord to decide whether this is reaslistic. There is not a particular limit to how much rent you can pay.



answered Mar 8 by mbeon-Éanna
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