Hallo , i have some questions related to asylum case.  One family come to Germany and apply asylum since may 2022 . The asylum case is still on processing , during that have they have baby and born here. Now almost 2 years but asylum case still pending and have lawyer too.

But we want to move to other state for apply job.

We still study German. Other state are have more opportunities for job. How can we move during that process ? We ask socialamt they said wait can’t move. During that time we have job interview at other state but they said accept only who in that state.

Any best way to move to bavaria ? We need apply Ausbildung or have job offer can move ? In our current state is small and mostly job they need driving license. We don’t have job, we don’t have enough money for do it.

Our paper is put ( auslanderbehore Arbeit Erlaubnis ) we want find the best way to move. Thanks for your answer.

Should we apply Ausbildung Oder working contract ? Any have experience on it ?
asked Feb 5 in Asylum proceedings by Jassica | 167 views
As long the Asylum is in process you can't move to another city. Social office is right saying you can't move.
Oh , but if we have job offer from other state. Husband can move alone to work then how many month we can move together
My current city is small difficult to find job and my baby can’t put in Kita they ask me to wait and wait. I try to contact but not responding. For job they apply no even interview , but other Stadt we apply pass interview but we have Problem can’t move
That why we want to know the way to move with the right law without problem.
Yes Jessica you can't move even if you get a job in another city. As long Social and your ausweis says so you can't. Again with Kita its everywhere in Germany you need to apply a year or 2 due to less care givers.

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In that case . Both husband and wife have bachelors degree and have working experience deal with international company too. We want to know the way to move without Ausbildung because Ausbildung we can’t get salary for support our family we don’t want money from social or job Center . Or other way husband move to work there and how many year we can move there together. If we don’t get money from social.
answered Feb 5 by Jassica
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